Best Practices for Display campaigns

best practices for implementing customer match list on Google Ads

Which list to target:

1. To reach existing customers , positively target a customer list or multiple lists (depending on size).

2. To focus on reaching new customers only , you have options. You can:

Exclude customer list(s) from your campaign or ad group.

Use Similar audience lists to expand reach to customers who look similar to your existing ones.

These lists can be used in combination with an existing customer list or independently depending on goals. For example:

Positively target a similar audience list, alongside a customer list, to maximize potential

reach with a specific type of user.

Negatively target a customer list while positively targeting a similar audience list to focus

only on reaching new users like those in an existing list.

Layering Customer Match targeting with other audience targeting can lead to undesirable results.

Review compatibility before setting up a campaign. Keep in mind that the the more narrow targeting is, the less traffic a campaign will get. Aggressive or incorrect implementation can result in no traffic.

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