Best Practices for Gmail

Optimize your bid based on CRM data: Use CRM data to build lists of high/low value customers. Add or

remove email addresses from specific lists on a regular basis (duration will depend on average purchase

cycles for a business) as customers move to different buckets. Example optimization strategies:

Increase bids, uncap budgets, focus more on optimizing Low volume lists with high performance creative for audience.

High volume lists with low performance: Lower bids, watch budgets carefully and focus more on experimenting with list subsets that may perform better with customized creative, etc.

Since you’re targeting a subset of users, bids may need to be higher in order to meet traffic goals . If you’re not reaching your daily budget, try incrementally raising bids.

Target + bid vs. bid only: Apply “bid onlyunless you want to customize ads per user segment.

Don‘t expect the same CPAs across the funnel, and bid accordingly based on campaign goals. If focused on acquiring new users, expect CPAs to be higher given you do not already have a relationship with the consumer.

Increasing bids for high value customers might make sense for an advertiser if generating loyalty is a top priority. Remember that the smaller a list is, the more important competitive bids become in order to