Best Practices for YouTube

● Separate your campaigns based on lists: Never target similar audience lists and original Customer Match lists in the same campaigns. This makes it impossible to control for budget allocation and run accurate brand lift studies.

● Drive traffic against multiple similar audience lists: If you’re targeting multiple Customer Match lists, think about how you may benefit from similar audience expansion off of each list. For example, if you are

targeting unique lists of buyers versus those who simply give you their email address, you may create two different similar audience expansion lists, both worth targeting. Try them both out for size!

● Increase bids on your most valuable audiences: Just like with any audience targeting solution, bids may need to be higher in order to meet your traffic goals since you’re targeting a small subset of users, not the entire universe. Plus, these users have to be active users of the platform you’re targeting. If you are not reaching your daily budget, try incrementally raising bids or expanding your lists.

● Go easy with additional targeting, even demo: Layering on additional targeting dimensions will not only reduce your reach but it may also be needlessly complicated unless you have unique creatives ready to deploy for different types of users. To maximize your reach and effectiveness, we recommend keeping things simple in your Customer Match-targeted campaigns. You can, however, experiment with demo

targeting in your similar audience campaigns, keeping in mind that you’re optimizing to find customers who look like your current ones, so you’ll get the most value out of the broadest list.